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Capmonster Quick Start

CapMonster  is a software package designed for captcha recognition, created on the basis of the most modern OCR algorithms.

1. If you recently bought the program or downloaded the demo version, click here:


2. You can download the demo here:

Download CapMonster Demo

3. You can purchase the program here:

Buy Capmonster

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  1. DarkDiver

  2. Posted


  1. lephuongnamdsc

    I have just used this app. But it's not really good. Success rate is 49%. Banned IP for ReCaptcha are so much.

  2. frunzareanuflorin


    I can't understand this program completely, I want to use it with GSA Website Contact

    The first question is if I need to add a proxy to capmonster?
    Success Rate is 27%
    I see banned ip pretty much

    Please explain to me how to set it