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About ZennoPoster

ZennoPoster is all-in-one solution for SEO. All you need for your work in one software package. ZennoPoster helps to save your time and money working in any field of SEO.

ZennoPoster software package allows to automate your work in browser. You can create templates for your actions in web which you usually perform manually.

ZennoPoster doesn't require any special skills or knowledge to use, it is simple as LEGO Creator.

Best backlinks

Most SEO programs on the market are limited by databases and engines, which they use. With ZennoPoster you will be able to set up you backlinks where others can't do it! Best resources quickly change their protection. While most users are waiting several days or weeks for updates of their SEO software, you will be able to quickly restore your bots! After gaining some experience, you will be able to create bots not just for one, but for many similar websites!

Must-have software for any SEO specialist

Everyone who works in the internet has many small tasks that can be easily automated with ZennoPoster. Checking a variety of settings, posting content, light parsing - all this can be done using ZennoPoster, which will help you save a lot of time and money. There is no need to hire a freelancer for any simple job. ZennoPoster will quickly solve your problems.

Easy for everyone

You don't need to have special technical skills to use ZennoPoster. Bots can be created without knowledge of programming languages, you will just use blocks like in LEGO creator.

A lot of friends

Not enough communication? Not a problem. With ZennoPoster you will get thousand of friends on Facebook and followers in Twitter.


Take part in online contests, share your photos, music and other art work. Run ZennoPoster and cheat counters, gain votes and win competitions.

Happy boss!

Your chief demands to increase traffic and doesn't want to pay for it? Don't worry, run ZennoPoster, load public proxy, send bots to the site and let your boss enjoy rates increasing.

Additional features

ZennoPoster includes two cheap add-ons: CodeCreator and CapMonster. CodeCreator was developed specially for programmers. The application allows to handle browser using your own code (PHP, .NET and others), our browser framework provides a lot of useful SEO features, which you won't find in standard frameworks, such as selenium. Your bots will be multi-threaded, but you don't have to learn multi-threaded programming. You can write code in our editor, which has many useful features like IntelliSense and code highlighting. CapMonster is the addon that will help you create auto-recogition modules for captchas by yourself! Of course, you may create modules only for simple captchas, however, nobody wants to spend money for such captchas.

Best choice!

We have been successfully engaged in browser automation since 2008, and we know everything about it. Using ZennoPoster software package you will be able to easily create fast, reliable bots, which will be considered by websites as ordinary people. You won't have to overcome many defenses used by sites, as ZennoPoster bypasses them automatically.

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